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Food Packaging
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Nothing is more vital in the success of a restaurant today than having a polished, well developed brand. Phantom Concepts has out of the box concepts designed to deliver.

Phantom Concepts has developed a diverse set of restaurant concepts that can be operated as stand alone brick and mortar operations, a virtual kitchen operating alongside another concept or part of a cluster of concepts designed to maximize labor, inventory and profit.

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Meat in Pita Bread


When you partner with Phantom Concepts you're immediately more competitive

Phantom Concepts Brands include,

  • Professionally designed graphics: Our logos and graphics are designed for use in PR, Web promotion, social media and delivery platforms.

  • Professionally shot images of all the food and drink for each concept. When you choose a Phantom Concepts brand you know you'll have the best presented food both online and in the box every single time.


The entire point of adding a ghost or virtual concept to your restaurant, C-store or food truck is growth. Growth in sales obviously but also growth in exposure, market share, customer base and profit. We specialize in designing concepts that compliment your existing operation stressing utilization of existing facilities, equipment, labor and purchases to tailor the brand to fit seamlessly within your exiting framework. 

We believe growth should be strategic. In the world of 3rd party ordering and delivery apps having your brands get exposure in as many categories as possible and having a controlling presence in those categories is part of the design. Our goal is for the brands you control in your market are maximizing platform exposure and getting the clicks that put money in the bank.

Food Delivery
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